How to check website technology ?

Every one want to now the technology behind the website. This is good website technology checker tool. By this website technology checker tool we can find the currently technology used by website. By technology we can estimate following things:-

  1. How much secure website is
  2. How much traffic it can handle
  3. How this website is updated with new technology
  4. How much stable and reliable is website

If you want to buy / sale a website then is important to check which technology is used by this website. Means it will increase your buy / sale knowledge and helpful in technology due diligence. MIT also check website technology for research purpose.

You can also detect CMS of the website so is a website cms detector tool online. We will detect current used technology of the website. We also search for hosting provider.

You can find website technology of your competitor. We also provide list of similar website technology so that you can take a look on these also.

We also gives information about programming framework like PHP .Net, Ruby Rails etc. is a best free website technology finder tool.

If some domain is using old version of any technoloy then we also provide information for version update.

Alex ( US )
OioUp is very nice website technology lookup tool. It make my work (technology due diligence) very easy. I provide actual technology of the website. I recommend for everyone.

Grant ( UK )
OioUp is doing very good work. Using oioup its very simple to check website technology. It really provide currently used technology by the website.

Matson ( Sweeden )
OioUp provide very clear information for website technology analysis and it's free. Just put your domain name and get your website technology. Its very simple and best website technology checker tool available online.

Naterio ( France )
I check OioUp is best website technology information tool today. It does not require any registration and really free. I think everyone should check website technology before sale / purchase of domain name.

1 Analytics and Tracking : Google Webmaster, Google Analytics 2 Frameworks : PHP 3 Operating System : Unix 4 Software Package : OpenSSL 5 Widgets : Google Font API 6 CSS frameworks : Bootstrap CSS 7 JavaScript Libraries : jQuery, jQuery Mobile 8 Mobile : Viewport Meta 9 Website Search Engine Info : Keywords, Description, Hosting Provider, Title 10 Content Management Systems : WordPress 11 Content Delivery Network : CDN, google ajax libraries api cdn 12 Aggregation Functionality : Pingback Support, RSS 13 Encoding : UTF-8 14 icons : Font Awesome icon 15 Server Information : Apache, FC 16 Document Information : HTML, Conditional Comments, Open Graph protocol, XHTML, Javascript, Cascading Style Sheets

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1 Content Delivery Network : google ajax libraries api cdn 2 Content Management Systems : WordPress 3 JavaScript Libraries : Underscore.js, jQuery, jQuery-ui 4 Website Search Engine Info : Keywords, Description, Title 5 Widgets : Google Font API 6 Document Information : Google Chrome IE Frame, X-UA-Compatible, Open Graph protocol, Conditional Comments, Cascading Style Sheets, Javascript, HTML 7 Frameworks : PHP, Adobe Flash 8 Aggregation Functionality : Pingback Support, RSS 9 Encoding : UTF-8 10 Mobile : Viewport Meta 11 SSL Certificate : COMODO 12 Server Information : LiteSpeed, Apache 13 Analytics and Tracking : Google Webmaster, Google Analytics

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1 JavaScript Libraries : bootstrap.js, jQuery 2 Document Information : Open Graph protocol, Javascript, Conditional Comments, X-UA-Compatible, Cascading Style Sheets, Google Chrome IE Frame, HTML, XHTML 3 Mobile : Viewport Meta 4 Encoding : UTF-8 5 Analytics and Tracking : Google Webmaster, Google Analytics 6 Frameworks : ASP.NET, ASP.NET MVC 7 CSS frameworks : Bootstrap CSS 8 Server Information : nginx, microsoft IIS 9 Content Delivery Network : google ajax libraries api cdn, CDN, CDN JS 10 Website Search Engine Info : Description, Keywords, Title 11 Widgets : Google Font API

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