Best website CMS detector & wordpress plugin detector tool online free

How to detect website CMS ? is best website CMS ( Content Management System ) tool online free. Website cms detector gives information about the content management system of the website. There are many CMS exist and each one we can check one by one but will check these all for you in free online. No need of any installation on your system. You just need to enter the url or link and get or detect the cms of the website. We also detect open source as well as paid cms.

We can divide the cms in these category:-

  1. Full paid : We have to purchase license to use these.
  2. Partial paid : In these some module are paid so we may need license for some module.
  3. Full open source : All code is open source are free.
  4. Partial open source : These are like core component are open source and modules and plugin are paid.
Basic module of CMS are : We also detect the module or plugin ( like wordpress plugin ) of the CMS as much as possible.

CMS is technologically heart of the web project. Better is heart long is life of site. So when we plan a site its important to choose a appropriate cms. It will solve out many problem of development. It will also reduce our development and maintenance cost if we choose a good fit CMS platform .
We can also take idea of our competitor. Different CMS has different type of features. We can say these are made for dfferent type of platform project like bloging CMS, ECommerence CMS, Forms etc. We recommend first make a good research on CMS than start development and further steps.