Sitemap is colloection of pages or xml files that contains for other page links of the website. Usually it tell the user the easist way to navigate all pages, these page may be category wise or having some order for the site sructure.

Generating & providing a sitemap to search engine helps us to knows how to navigate all pages of your site in depths or categories. It also gives info about pages that are rarely apper in navigation.

We can generate a Sitemap by following guideline. There are many online free tools that generate sitemap one of these is Google Sitemap Generator We can generate sitemap quickly by these online tools and submit it to search engine.

How to Submit Sitemap to Search Engines ?

Using Google Webmaster Tools submit sitemap : Signup free Google Account then go to Google Webmaster Tools. Login to Webmaster Tools verify the site and submit your sitemap to google. We can also check for sitemap error at Google Webmaster Tools.

Using Bing Webmaster Tools submit sitemap : Signup free Bing Account then go to Bing Webmaster Tools. Verify the site and submit your sitemap to Bing.

OioUp Sitemap Page 5

Name Updated Link
ea 04-Aug-2019 01:36:58 PM ea
cb 27-Aug-2018 09:53:12 AM cb
71 27-Aug-2018 12:33:54 AM 71
f6 09-Jun-2019 05:10:58 AM f6
96 23-Dec-2018 03:31:20 AM 96
d1 20-Mar-2019 05:30:49 AM d1
9e 24-Nov-2019 04:03:03 AM 9e
aa 27-Feb-2020 12:18:14 PM aa
80 25-Jan-2019 01:36:49 PM 80
c3 23-May-2020 11:29:48 AM c3
5a 21-Feb-2020 03:30:43 AM 5a
f9 14-May-2020 11:53:58 AM f9
a7 22-Jul-2019 09:11:39 AM a7
c7 13-Nov-2019 05:54:59 PM c7
ac 20-Feb-2020 11:31:56 AM ac
92 20-Aug-2019 01:23:15 PM 92
44 12-Mar-2020 02:25:27 AM 44
e6 15-Mar-2020 10:52:43 AM e6
7e 09-Sep-2018 05:09:23 PM 7e
ab 27-Feb-2020 08:44:11 AM ab
6b 18-Feb-2019 02:22:28 PM 6b
fd 07-Mar-2020 04:09:12 PM fd
df 12-Apr-2020 01:36:13 AM df
be 07-Sep-2019 07:38:58 PM be
98 27-Feb-2019 05:44:13 PM 98
d5 04-May-2020 11:33:28 PM d5
50 28-Jul-2018 12:49:49 PM 50
b6 12-Oct-2019 10:50:09 AM b6
b7 19-Feb-2020 08:55:28 PM b7
9a 21-Jan-2020 12:45:59 AM 9a
ef 23-May-2020 11:32:38 AM ef
d4 19-Jul-2019 07:44:21 AM d4
01 09-Oct-2018 10:47:28 AM 01
e4 19-Jul-2018 08:22:32 PM e4
49 20-Feb-2020 12:04:00 PM 49
b0 17-Feb-2019 01:30:03 PM b0
31 11-Oct-2019 01:14:22 AM 31
7a 12-Sep-2018 11:58:28 AM 7a
53 17-May-2020 01:52:10 AM 53
7d 13-Apr-2020 09:56:45 AM 7d
39 18-Feb-2019 10:23:56 PM 39
c9 02-Jan-2020 05:23:39 AM c9
e5 18-Aug-2018 11:48:17 AM e5
22 22-Apr-2019 06:23:32 PM 22
e2 26-Aug-2018 03:45:49 PM e2
73 11-May-2020 01:41:24 PM 73
52 15-Mar-2019 05:59:53 PM 52
ed 16-Sep-2019 07:20:33 PM ed
21 11-May-2019 11:21:22 AM 21
5d 09-May-2020 05:55:38 AM 5d